We are moving!

Welp, it's official. We are moving!

(Queue the mini panic attack. I hate packing.)

Paul, Emma, and I are moving just across the Bay to the little island of Alameda, CA. It's a slow-paced suburb complete with Trader Joe's, Target, and the sweetest little main street with shops and cafés.

We prayed (A LOT!!!!) about where we need to be after I graduate and Paul and I feel called to stay in the Bay Area for a while longer. Paul's recent promotion, raise, and benefits provide stability and I know in my heart that we need to pursue his career growth for the time being. I will be seeking associateship opportunities in the area. Emma and I will also get to spend our days together when I finish up school and search for a job. (EEEK!!!)

I am excited about what this new chapter will bring and I feel blessed that I will get to spend some time home with Emma. We found a wonderful apartment in a newly-renovated victorian just two miles away from Paul's office. As he has been commuting from San Francisco for the past four years, we are both excited that he will get to be so close to home.

It will be quite the change for us and I am a little nervous from all the unknowns but I have the utmost confidence that God's grace will continue to guide us.

On a more personal (selfish) note, I am THRILLED/EXCITED/ELATED/JUMPING FOR JOY that our new apartment is bigger than our current place with many more cabinets, closets, a deck, and bells and whistles. (Can I get an Amen?)

Emma is excited too.

If anyone wants to help us move in mid-August, it would be greatly appreciated.