Friday! Freedooo! Frawdaw! 


It's Friday and that means this week's portrait post is here! Wee!

Some behind the scenes thoughts for you... I always enjoy picking out the week's photo. As you know, I am an obsessive/serial/crazy iPhone paparazzi and my camera roll usually looks like I just held down the shutter button for the entire week. (I have been working on being more selective with photo-taking and deleting near duplicates and ultra-blurry photos. I'll keep you posted on my intervention.)

But every week, I get to look back on the photos I took and I get all those warm fuzzies. Emma is constantly growing and amazing me. Paul spends sweet moments with us. We take funny selfies and I marvel at Emma on the daily.

Because you can always find me on the gram, I do spend time picking out photos for each day. Some days I have the perfect gem for a gram, other days I have too many good ones to choose from (and I usually limit myself to a maximum of three grams in one day because I know that I am  this close to scaring everyone away with my mamarazzi games).

Where was I? Oh yes, today's photo is one of those that did not make the instagram cut, but one I love oh so dearly.

I was feeling like I deserved an ultra gourmet meal last Friday and where else would I be craving other than IHOP? Can you say stuffed french toast?? Before our food came, I enjoyed a quiet moment watching these two do their thang. He wrote out her name, she threw crayons on the floor, I smiled at my good fortune.

May every day have one of these quiet moments at which to marvel. And may I always have my camera ready. ;] 

(This was probably one of the most mom blog mom posts I've ever written and I am laughing at myself.)

Have a grrrrrreat weekend!