On life lately, weekend edition

Oh it's weekend recap? How original, Samantha. No one ever does those.

Blogger's gotta blog, yo.

As you know if you read any of my weekly ramblings, we are in the process of moving from San Francisco to Alameda this month. We decided we needed to do a little furniture upgrade on a few things. In our current place, Paul and I have somewhat of an amalgamation of furniture - hand-me-downs, the sturdiest particle board "wood" furniture (sarcasm), some new pieces we bought when we were expecting Emma, and some things we even had back in our dorm days.

I do not like packing. Let me rephrase that, I HATE PACKING. I get really overwhelmed and have twenty panic attacks on the daily. Sorting, organizing, unpacking - I'm great. Packing, boxing, moving - death.

However, the moving box obstacle course is Emma's heaven on earth.

We kicked off our Friday evening with some cold ones.

(Hers is unopened, obvi.)

Come weekend, we are all ready to put our feet up if ya know whuuut I meeeean. We watched Insurgent (SO GOOD) and had 3.4 minutes of down time before the madness of Emma's bedtime regimen began (more like her bedtime regime, am I right).

Tell me this is a normal part of toddlerhood, but Emma has been especially vocal about her various frustrations. 

Can't open the lid - wail
Can't close the lid - whine.
I open the lid for her - scream.
She asks me to open the lid and I say no - yell.

Le sigh. So there's that.

But there is nothing like her beloved bath to keep her calm and keep the little bit of evening sanity that I may have left. 

For the two of you who are still reading this...

On Saturday, I went to a Blessed Brunch in Berkeley. It was such an amazing experience to meet some incredible women. We shared our stories, shared a meal, and prayed together. What a day!

I am still reeling from it all and I cannot wait to continue to get to know them even better.

Sunday was our big shopping day. We took a load of stuff to the new apartment then hopped down to a newly opened Living Spaces. They were having a grand opening special (spend this much get this much off, you know the kind) and we found exactly what we were looking for. PLUS, they deliver and install. Can I get an Amen!? The last thing I want to do is carry a couch up two flights of stairs.

Costco runs are for gigantor sized bags of toilet paper, paper towels, and diapers. And for driving momma crazy with her Costco disappearing acts. 

We also popped over to Target and bought some much-needed curtains and floor rugs. Seriously, I am in love with those curtains. But who would have thought Paul would have such strong opinions on curtain types. 

"We need the silky ones, they are prettier." - unpredictable Paul 

Of course, in the chaos of trying to try out different couches, desks, beds, etc. I did not even think to take any pictures of what we decided on. Oh well, I don't think I will want to take any pictures of the chaos in the new place right now but I'll do an apartment tour as soon as we are all moved in. 

I will tell you though that furniture stores might as well be toddler Disneyland. She was ecstatic to crawl around, attempt to move ottomans, and throw couch pillows. 

I should make a new clichéd expression like, "happier than an Emma in a furniture store". 

If any of you managed to get through this long-winded diatribe then congratulations. I applaud you. 

How were your weekends? I'm all eyes.