First tricycle and the maiden voyage

To me, every milestone that Emma reaches in her life is special and OHMYGOSHAMAZING and GETTHECAMERA. First child thing? Easily entertained thing? Who knows. 

Besides the classics like first roll over, first crawl, first time walking, and first time giving mommy a heart attack, I have another first for you today. Emma's first tricycle. I have been wanting to get her a little scoot-a-long tricycle thing for a while now and today I picked one up at this adorable shop near my place. Well she picked it up. 

I could hardly say no now could I?

(In my defense, I was already planning on getting her one at some point and her death grip on this particular model just made the decision a little easier. Plus a text to her daddy saying, "well, she has been riding this around the store for the last 30 minutes, can we get it?" pretty much sealed the deal.)

Mothersucker is my name.

Now if you aren't really feeling a handful of photos and videos (<-- yes, plural) then you know where the eXit is. But if you are anything like this mamarazzi right here, then enjoy the show.

When we were about two blocks away from our place, I took the shiny new contraption out of the box. She literally squealed. And then ripped it out of my hands to take her maiden voyage.

She has a tendency to veer right so we are going to have to work on the steering.

What are you looking at me for E? I am not the one who made you crash into the forest. 

"Simple solution." - Emma badger

Bon voyage little E. Can you pick me up a Dr. Pepper at a drive through? Thanks you're a peach. 

Our place is that green one on the left and she insisted that she carry her chariot up the two flights of stairs. I had to decline on that one. I know, moms are so mean. But I will let her ride it in the house.

See how compromise works? Parenting win. (<-- Until she starts trying to drive the thing on the furniture.)

Now wasn't that fun? 

Next time, Emma's first oyster. Just kidding. Or am I?

Happy Valentine's weekend to you and yours.