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Henry at six months

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Hey, new record! Henry's monthly update is over two weeks late this time 'round. But we were celebrating my sister's wedding week when he turned six months old and were busy. The best kind of busy.

But WOWWW. Six months -- what a milestone. He is that much closer to his first birthday. And I already miss this phase of his life. I finally got around to getting his six month check-up this week (#secondkidproblems) and he weighs in a whopping almost 17 pounds.

He is nearly crawling on all fours but has mastered the army scoot and break dancing belly spin. He gets incredibly frustrated when he cannot move exactly where he wants to go. He is nearly sitting up by himself and has had a few stretches of sitting up before face-planting.

Henry - 0 Ground - 1

He is still the most joyful baby you'll ever see. He hands out his smiles like it's going out of style and I'm fairly certain that he gets called beautiful by every stranger at whom he bats his eyes. And don't even get me started about his crocodile tears. This kid is going to get away with everything. 

We introduced solids recently and so far, he's still on the fence. I think it's more of a texture thing than a taste thing but we are experimenting. Banana and avocado are hits so far, that is, whenever Emma is willing to share. 

Speaking of Emma, Henry is completely in love with his big sister. No one keeps him as enthralled, as entertained, or as happy at his sister. It melts my momma heart.

I've mentioned in months past and it's still true -- this kid has the loudest scream I've ever heard. When he gets on a babbling roll, he can wake up the neighbors. It's just so darling at 3 am too.

He's still the earliest riser and has decided that 5 am is party time. It's a party I did not RSVP to but alas, I manage. #coffeecoffeecoffee

He also has the biggest hands and longest fingers known to mankind. Seriously, he should be studied. Future piano player? Basketballer? Cellist? Artist? Surgeon? Expert nose-picker? We'll see.

This past month he went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, his second wedding, and his second plane trip. Henry Globe Trotter is his new name.

I think this next month we'll see him start to crawl and sit up and now I need to add a trip to the baby-proofing store to my to-do list. 

Happy Henry day!