Baby Emma | Eleven Months

The butterball turned eleven months old yesterday. Elevensies!

I finally bought some party decorations for her first birthday. Now I actually have to invite people. I suck at this stuff. If you are in SF during her party, you’re invited! Spread the word. 


This girl is walking everywhere. EV. REE. WHURR. It is pretty cool actually. You know, besides the intensified worrying that she’s going to walk off a cliff or into a lion’s den. It could happen. 

So we have been having great conversations with Emma lately. We ask her if she’s hungry, she shakes her head “no”. I ask her if she’s tired, she shakes her head “no”. We ask her if she wants to play with her toys, she shakes her head “no”. Really deep stuff.

It’s amazing watching the little personality emerging from this one lately. She shows us her excitement and gives us little screeches of delight. I am pretty sure she thinks she’s running the country. 

Currently we are on the tail end of another little road trip to visit our families. Of course, she has them all wrapped around her little fingers. And by wrapped, I mean chained, straight-jacketed, and duct taped. Even Chris Angel wouldn’t be able to get out of that one.

Emma is also quite the little daredevil. She regularly slides off the bed, climbs over obstacles, squeezes through tights spaces, and sky dives. I don’t even know what to expect day to day. It’s frightening fascinating.

We have also moved to exclusive breastfeeding at night and formula during the day. I cannot tell you what a weight has been lifted off my shoulders that I no longer breast pump during the day. I was barely making enough to make a dent in her daytime feeding anyway. Having our snuggle time in the evenings is good enough for both of us. 

Okay, I am having some serious trouble with the realization that she will be one year old in one month. I am dying. Where is my baby going? She prances around the apartment and completely looks like a toddler. Is this real life? If you hear any sobs in the coming month, it’s probably me crying into a pile of baby photos and newborn sized diapers.

I know, I’m a mess. 

On to photos.

I swear. She’s going to be a heartbreaker.

Now we are off to celebrate Paul’s birthday today!

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