Struggle, juggle, then snuggle

The post formerly known as On life, lately.

Okay, I know your eyes are darting back and forth looking for the exit, but I promise, you’ll survive. 

This has been a busy couple weeks at the Wetterholm headquarters. If you follow me on FB, the grammage, or the twittersphere you’ll have caught a whiff of my screaming, crying, tantrum-throwing, complaining about Emma’s teething. Well my friends, she finally cut her first tooth! I know there is another one following suit any day now because the teething symptoms haven’t completely stopped. Oh joy. How I love 2 am screaming sessions, they are my favorite. It’s a party here at HQ.

Emma has decided that she will have no part in staying in one place and would rather watch me pluck my eyebrows than play with her mountain of fancy toys. Go figure. If that means plopping her in her high chair while I chop, stir, and over-salt my food, then so be it. If that means letting her roam around the apartment with my hawk eyes zoomed in on her, then God speed warrior princess.

Now that her tooth has peaked its razor sharp head through, we are on to brushing every day. It’s a good thing she doesn’t mind the toothbrush because Samantha tiger mom will be having no cavities for all of ever.

Grace snapped this gem. Now if only only she could change her own diaper.

A little bit on teething. One, it sucks. Like seriously? I hate teeth a little bit right now. It’s a good thing teeth are my chosen profession, right? Two, the only thing that seems to help is her new amber teething necklace. Praise the Lord. 

Paul and I have been busy at our respective jobs so squeezing in our Emma time in the evenings has been crucial. Because she’s only good for about 43 minutes between when we pick her up from daycare and when she starts pterodactyl screaming with teething and general night time fussies.

One of our favorite parts of our night time routine is reading. I have practically memorized all of her books. But the best part is that I can tell she wishes she was the one holding the book and reading herself. (#gloatingmom) She even knows which way is up and which is down. The consensus is, she’s a genius. I am not biased at all. Moving on. 

One hand for holding, one hand for turning pages, and one foot for holding. Sounds about right.

This animal book is a favorite around these parts. She has decided that this rooster is her spirit animal.

Lately, I think that Emma is trying to emulate us by…

…sitting on the couch. 

This is a mini couch at her daycare and all you need is a cup of coffee and a macbook and she’d be the spittin’ image of her momma…which has promptly urged me to get outside more. Emma and I have been playing on our little plot of grass by my apartment. She stares at it for a good 17 hours before she ventures out on foot. Apparently grass is synonymous with lava.

I think she’s pointing to higher ground.

My friend’s instant reaction was paddington the bear, so I think we are doing something right. 

She only took her hat off 43 zillion times before I just gave up and called it a day. She was also insistent on eating grass so fiber right? Besides this look of deep confusion, she has been enjoying the grand old outdoors. And by outdoors I mean 12 steps from the entrance to our building. Aww, my little city mouse. 

Can I just say? I will never be as cool as she is. She’s got that James Dean, daydream look in her eyes.

There are about five things she zeros in on in our apartment. One, her hairbrush. Two, the refrigerator magnets. Three, the bag of chewy sprees. Four, the kitchen trashcan. And five, the tv remote. None of these things are toys Emma. Get with it woman. 

Speaking of non-toys, cardboard boxes are all the rage this year. And every year. However, she drew the line at letting me shut the lid and urging her to take a nap.


Any who, that’s just a little snippit into our lives lately. Just a peak. A snoop. A whiff. 


The Wetterholm trio is going on a road trip to visit our families tomorrow because, SPRING BREAK. I am going to take advantage of the Emma worship sessions and put my feet up for longer than two minutes. Living large.

It must be so hard to be a baby. Excuse me while I squish those thunder thighs. 

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Have a great week friends!