On music

Happy Sunday friends! This weekend has been pretty lazy. I have spent a lot of time resting on the couch. I woke up Saturday morning very achy and moody and I think my body was telling me to relax. It’s so important to listen to our bodies. It is easy to ignore it sometimes, but then we crash and get burnt out. 

For me, relaxation and a good music playlist go hand-in-hand. I have a bunch of different playlists on iTunes for my various moods and my melancholy playlist has worked well for some good old fashioned R & R.

Music is a big part of my life. I turn to music when I’m feeling elated, melancholy, upset, overjoyed, and everything else in between. Music also brings out so many emotions in me. I tend to choose music which allows me to actually feel the music speaking to me while I’m listening. Do you know what I mean? And while radio hits can be catchy, I prefer music with real depth, musicianship, writing, and heart. Just a few of my favorite artists are Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, Adele, Mumford & Sons, The Civil Wars, Lana Del Rey, and Michael Bublé

This week I’ll be listening to some great playlists and of course, some Christmas music too.

What’s on your playlist this week?