Get out of your own way

It’s Friday, I’m in love! Happy Friday my lovelies. This afternoon I have a big Oral Medicine exam and I’ve spent the week studying. It’s quite a dense subject, so wish me luck.

Speaking of exams and studying, it got me to thinking about the kind of stress we students {and everyone else} endure. We all experience stress from the day-to-day details and to-do lists, from interpersonal relationships, and from our long-term career and life goals. WHEW, that’s enough to make anyone’s head explode.

I think there are two different philosophies when it comes to experiencing stress. There are those individuals who believe that stress is completely pathological and has no place in our lives. Then there are those who believe that experiencing a certain level of stress is a way for people to motivate themselves to accomplish tasks and goals. I tend to subscribe to the latter.

However, I do believe that there are different types of stress and only certain types are ultimately helpful. There is the kind of stress that stems from being passionate about something and wanting to live up to one’s own potential. There is the type of stress caused by things completely out of our control. And there is the type of stress caused by needless worrying of a more obsessive nature. {I’m sure there are more types, but these tend to be the types I experience.}

Back in July, I wrote about my anxiety about starting clinic and dealing with a whole new patient care and administrative environment. I felt overwhelmed and I had to remind myself to breathe and relax. I was definitely experiencing the kind of stress associated with a new and unknown experience and my desire to do well in my new role as student dentist.

What I have found is that by identifying the stressor and acknowledging its existence, I was able move forward with this new experience and get out of my own way. While there are new hurdles each day, I’ve learned so much from my time in clinic so far and I’ve become much more confident in my skills and my ability to care for my patients. Sometimes it just takes a little time and self-reflection to realize that stress plays an important role in our growth {an odd concept, I know}.

I am experiencing anxiety and stress about my new and approaching role as a mother, but I know that I have an innate ability within myself and a wonderful support system to embrace this new role. It is daunting but also exciting. I cannot wait to be a mother. 

By getting out of our own way, we can accomplish our goals. Sometimes it is difficult to see the forrest from the tress, but we need to remember that when we are passionate about something, we will find a way. Find a way to breathe through the stress and form your own happiness equation for when things get really tough. 

You are smart and successful in everything you do as long as you just get out of your way.

What are your views on the role of stress in our lives? Do you believe it has a purpose?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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