Lately on the interwebs

I’ve had an absolutely insane-o morning already which made my tummy curl into knots. Stuff happens sometimes ya know? So instead of the relaxing morning off I had planned, my day off started a little late. Oh well, that’s life. ANY WHO…

I wanted to share some link-a-doos I’ve found on the interwebs lately. As I spent most of my commute combing the world wide web, I’ve found some good links for you to send you off into your weekend.

This beautiful print published on the Ruche blog this month. I was swooning all over the place.

Speaking of JK Rowling, some exciting news came our way when she announced a Halloween-inspired Harry Potter short story coming our way.

If I have any time to run to the grocery store this weekend, I will definitely be getting the ingredients for this recipe. Goat cheese, garlic, and baguettes, OH MY!

Four words - Catholic priests dance off. You’re going to want to watch this video. I giggled out loud, got some weird looks on the bus, proceeded to giggle some more.

I just discovered the J. Crew baby collection. This could get deadly. Emma NEEDS this dress, like yesterday.

This new app that I am obsessed with. It’s called A Mommy App and it is absolutely adorable. You can track your children’s stats, likes, and dislikes. But my favorite feature is the stress relief. You can listen to soothing sounds when you just need a mommy-sized break. Definitely going in the permanent collection. A special thanks to Tiffany for providing this app.

I hope your weekend is just peachy