Life 365 | Week 43

Happy Monday, ya’ll. And by happy, of course I mean tolerate Monday, ya’ll.

I had a really nice weekend. So nice that I was convinced it would never end. I was planning out what I wanted to do on my Sunday when it turns out, it was already 3pm on Sunday. Poop. Time flies when you’re having fun. #cliché

Emma turns six months old tomorrow. Oh what was that sound you ask? Oh yes, that’s me sobbing in the corner picturing my baby going off to college. It’s a good thing she has already agreed to let me move away to the dorms with her. 

She has a doc appointment on Wednesday so we get to have her stats updated and start our course in Baby Food 101. I’ll do her monthly update after her appointment. :]

Here are last week’s photos. P.S. Can you believe there are less than 10 weeks left of 2014? Say what?

TWENTY She does everything with her pacifier besides suck on it - chew, bite, throw. I’m pretty sure I saw her use it to level out a wobbly table the other day. 

TWENTY-ONE Big girl got to sit in her big girl stroller for the first time. She loved it. I told her next time she pushes me. 

TWENTY-TWO We had taco night on Wednesday. Emma told us she wanted jalapeños in her guacamole. I said no way, not until you’re at least 3 years old. 

TWENTY-THREE She immediately reminded me of a turtle. She got stuck. I laughed. We had a grand old time. 

TWENTY-FOUR I can’t tell if she’s sucking her thumb or giving me an “atta girl”.

TWENTY-FIVE This girl has like three really long hairs in the front. I’m thinking mohawk hair style soon. 

TWENTY-SIX Her eyebrows are my Achilles heel. 

Have a nice Halloween week everyone!