Baby Emma | Six Months

I almost titled this post, And then the mama cried all the live, long day, but I figured I would definitely scare you off with that one.

This is coming a day late, but let’s just forget about that one. And what’s a day late really? Why are we always rushing things? Can’t we just slow dow… And you’re gone.

Well I hope you’ve returned because I’ve got some scrumptious baby feet, ears, and eyeballs coming your way. I’m sorry I said eyeballs. 

Let me start over…

Emma turned six months yesterday!! You know what that means? I only have six months left to plan her first birthday party. 

I interrupted her dance moves.

First of all, I cannot believe she is six months old already. Second of all, I’m pretty sure that means I haven’t been to the gym in 15 months. But let’s move on from that, shall we?

At the moment, Miss Emma is squealing and sucking on her thumb. She also looks like she’s plotting her escape with her stuffed animals. Good thing my friend Lily gave us her baby fence because now she can’t escape! 

Watch, two days from now you’ll get a Tweet from me saying, “So Emma escaped from Alcatraz today…" 

I think she was looking at the steak I was dangling over her head trying to get her to smile

Well let me tell you, they all said that kids would change everything but they didn’t say that a baby would change everything. I don’t think Paul and I have just sat on the couch and watched a whole movie in six months. But we have changed 14 zillion diapers and wiped up enough slobber to end California’s drought. Priorities? 

Oh yes and you know what is tough, anything that involves leaving the room for 0.2 seconds. This girl is having none of that. She either crawls to follow us or screams in her crib until we pick her up. I always thought I was tough. Nope. She wins.

She was really brave at her six month check up. The doc told us she is growing like a weed but not too much, so more like a goldilocks situation. Just right. She’s also impressing everyone with her standing. But I do get a call from the daycare at least twice per week that she’s fallen and bonked her head. It doesn’t even phase me anymore. 

Emma’s personality is shining through. She’s got some spunk, she’s got some pep, she’s got some pizzaz, she’s got some of this and some of that. She reminds me of someone. Were you thinking Tina Fey too? 

Nope, this girl is all spazz. Definitely takes after mama

This past month Emma went to a pumpkin patch, she went to the zoo, and she went skydiving off the couch. I told her to wear a parachute but she didn’t believe me. 

She seems to be quite the daddy’s girl too. Those two have a secret language. It usually involves the two of them spitting on one another.

So this might be one of only two photos I got of her actually looking at the camera. You’ll see what I mean in a second. 

This girl is obsessed with music and dancing. She always lights up when I sing her songs and we may or may not have sung some questionable ones. Hey, parents have to stay entertained somehow. 

She is quite the needy lady *cough* high maintenance *cough*. She loves being held and watching us do everything from unloading the dishes to brushing our teeth. But we love introducing her to new things. I can’t remember if it was before or after the box of mac and cheese did we show her how to change a car tire. Just kidding, neither of us knows how to do that.

She also has an attention span shorter than a goldfish. Everything is just so interesting to her. Let me give you an idea. 

Yes Emma, that’s incredibly helpful.

We are looking forward to what this month will bring. We are going to be incorporating mushed up foods into her diet on a regular basis. I asked the doc if baked brie was on the menu. He looked at me funny. It was awkward. Fine, I’ll just go with sweet potatoes.

I’m pretty sure I could write a new encyclopedia entry on Emma alone but I won’t bore you with my analysis of her right ear lobe. Unless you want that sort of thing. Call me, we’ll talk. 

I’ll leave you with this uterus puncher.

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