Leisurely pursuits

Whenever Samantha the tiger mom decides to put away all of Emma’s toys in her cage corner, Emma’s ears perk up as she waddles over for her favorite hobby - mess making.

Oh look, a neatly arranged stack of potential atom bombs. Let me show you my mad mess-making skills kind guardian.

Her eyes glimmer like sparkling angel wings as she shimmies over to pluck every single toy out of its designated place of residence. I have to admit, miss crazy clutter-free, control freak named Samantha prefers the toys nicely arranged by type (and preferably arranged tighter than a tetris board). But watching her pull each toy out, give it a good sniff and lick, and all the smiles that follow are worth every single mess made. Mostly worth it.

Pure bliss.

You would be hard pressed to find a happier tiny human than when this one is rediscovering each little goody in that box. Picture me white knuckling it while she pursues this particular activity until she goes to sleep and I can pounce and clean like the tiger mom we all know and love. Just add wet cheerioes into this mix and I may finally have that coronary.

So happy.