On blogging: Blog tour

Happy Monday my friends!

One of the best things about being a blogger is the amazing people I meet in this community. I have met some wonderful ladies from all over the country (and other countries too) as we share our little spaces on the good ol’ world wide web. Although I am sure most of you think I’m one big dork (okay, I am a huge dork), I love when a reader reaches out to me so we can get to know one another better.

When Kristina over at A Mom In Need Of Advice blog reached out to me to do this blog tour, I, of course, jumped at the chance. She wrote her post last week and invited me to answer the same four questions.

So hurr it goes… 

1. WHAT AM I WORKING ON? Well… lately I’ve been working on raising a tiny human, so that does take up a good chunk of time. Really though, I’ve been working on trying to balance school, motherhood, marriage, and life. Although difficult, it is important to work on that balance. I feel like I am standing on an exercise ball… on one leg… with a stack of books on my head… while spinning plates… so that’s pretty tough. I use this blogging space to connect with others who experience the same thoughts&feelings word vomit that I do on a general basis (I am gross today). This blogging space has been an incredibly cathartic outlet. I’ve always had a difficult time being open about my emotions/everything, so this is a good start. 

2. HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS OF ITS GENRE? While I am sure there are other ladies out there in a similar situation, I have not come across another dental student/wife/mother/lifestyle blogger. I hope to offer this unique perspective. While I created this space to share the day-to-day moments, I have also made myself available for questions and advice about dental school, academics, mommyhood, and life in general. I hope y'all enjoy it. (I don’t use y'all that often, that was weird for me ha) 

3. WHY DO I WRITE/CREATE WHAT I DO? Well, like many, I started this little blog to keep my family up to date on what’s going on in my life. My friends and family know that I am a HORRIBLE phone person, but I still wanted a way to tell them what was going on. So voilà! I know, I have issues. But over the years, this blog has evolved into much more. I still keep to my roots with sharing photos and tidbits from my life, but also offer study advice, recipe ideas, and general merriment over on this here bliggity blog. I truly enjoy writing and this whole crazy process. (But I still need to remember to actually call people.) 

4. HOW DOES YOUR WRITING/CREATIVE PROCESS WORK? Because I would classify my blog as a lifestyle blog, my writing process is pretty simple, I start with my life. I write about what I am up to, where I am going, what I am eating, etc. It’s a great foundation because I just write what I know (very little headache involved). Although I’ve taken my blogging perspective in multiple directions over time, I think I’ve finally settled into a realistic style and voice which remains true to myself. My husband has told me that my writing truly mimics the way I speak and act in real life. Thanks hon, you’re a doll! But really, I think it’s important for lifestyle bloggers to find their voice and stick to it. 

Any who… I’ve hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and reading about my process (that sounds really funny, but thanks anyways haha). 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! The next stop on this tour (all arms inside the bus at all times please) is on July 21st over at Nicole’s blog!

Nicole is a new mama too! We went to the same university and she’s one lovely lady. She’s over at Nicole Kelly blog and is a California girl who has always had a love for fashion. She has evolved Nicole Kelly to share more about herself and her life through her family, her faith, and her fashion choices. Nicole Kelly is a place to be inspired. Go check her out! Right now, do it!