Life 365 | Week 28

What a week, what a week. Last week was my second week back from maternity leave and I really dove right in. I still need to write 98234 more emails to sort everything out but it looks like I’m heading in the right direction.

My sister came up Thursday so it was a full house! After two weeks with Emma, my mom was very emotional leaving today. She was a great help for us these two weeks and I know Emma loved spending time with her Mamaw. Paul’s mom is on her way up for the next two weeks. We are pretty dang lucky that our moms can take time away from their busy schedules to spend time with us and to watch Emma. 

Okay guys, HUGE NEWS. Emma rolled over! We were hanging out at Grace and Brian’s today to watch the World Cup Final and Emma was just rolling all over the place. She went from back to front at least six times. We were all screaming. Well, Grace and I were screaming about Emma and the boys were screaming about soccer. She was really impressive. Shoot… I better start baby-proofing the whole apartment. Hmmm…how much bubble wrap should I get? She’s also slept through the whole night about 4 or 5 times this week. This may be the start of something beautiful my friends. 

For the sad news… my iPhone camera broke! I am devastated, hashtag firstworldproblems. The front camera still works but the back camera is just showing up black. SOUL CRUSHING. I am still deciding whether I want to fork over money to replace it with my phone insurance for now or just hold out and wait for my upgrade/iPhone 6 release. I may have to be that person who takes photos with their iPad. GAG. Thankfully Paul’s phone works and Grace is happy to take photos and send them to me. WHEW.

Here are last week’s photos.

SEVEN I absolutely love to watch my mom paint. She is ah-mah-zing. I did NOT get those genes. 

EIGHT She is getting so big. STAHP IT. Be still my heart. PS, those eyebrows KILL ME.

NINE She has been so chatty lately and we have very long conversations. I think in this one she was telling me all about teaming up with the stuffed animals to riot if she didn’t get her milk on time. 

TEN I cannot tell if she enjoys daddy’s kisses or is thinking, peasant, I will poop on you. What do you think?

ELEVEN Sister, sister! We went to dim sum. Yum! (Oh hey, that rhymed)

TWELVE Okay, this one wins all the awards for best selfie of the universe. My sister was an expert at making Emma laugh. We will take our trophy now.

THIRTEEN GOLLLLLLLLL, Deutschland! No joke, Emma loves sports. Her head always turns to the TV when sports are on. The force is strong with this one. Paul’s genes really took over here. 

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Have a wonderful week everyone!

P.S. My birthday is coming up on the 27th. Start thinking of gift ideas, ya?