We're on a train

So Emma insisted that we get out of the house and do something fun for the 4th. Since I wouldn’t let her go parasailing, we settled for a mountain train ride. We started in the Santa Cruz mountains and traveled through the redwoods and ended on the Santa Cruz beach board walk. It was a beautifully sunny day and we learned all about the history of the area. 

Emma seemed to be enjoying herself. This is either her happy face or her poop face. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Of course, I had to dress her in a 4th of July outfit that my mom got for her. She was somewhat less than amused when I tried to put the hat on her. Please don’t run away from home. 

We posed for some family photos. Then Emma wanted to talk about the impact of the California gold rush and lumber harvest of the on the ecosystem of the area and its economical implications, but then spit up and fell asleep. It’s hard to be a baby. 

Seriously, it was a beautiful day. It was sunny and slightly breezy, but when we got to the beach there was a blanket of marine layer right over the water. My arms were glow in the dark white so they my skin cells were happy to soak in those rays.  

I was checking out this one guy’s cute butt while we were walking down the board walk. Good thing he ended up being my husband. There were so many people there, so it was hard to tell.  

When we got off the train, I made a bee line for the Dippin’ Dots cart. I may have knocked over two children and an old lady but true love waits for no man. I got the biggest size they had and I grudgingly shared some bites with Paul. Jerk. I also saw the deep-fried treats stand. It took all my human energy and several Our Fathers to stop myself from buying one of everything.

See? I told you. My arms are whiter than marshmallow fluff. You don’t even want to see my legs. They could guide planes down the runway at night. 

I really don’t even know what to say about this picture. 

It was a fun trip and I would love to do it again. Next time, I’m going to have a date with that deep-fried twinkie.