Thursday Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I often get stuck in my own head. If you know what I mean, then you share this affliction. If you are scratching your own head thinking, what the heck is she talking about, then you don’t have this problem. MMKAY?

I’ll try to explain for the less crazy among you. I sometimes have these long, drawn out conversations in my head. It’s not so much like talking to myself, but more like musing on and mulling over what I’m observing, what I’m feeling, what is going on around me, and what has happened, so much so, that I stare off into space that a little drool starts to flow down the side of my mouth. Okay, that’s not really what happens, but I definitely get that glazed over look. Hello, earth to Samantha!

So I thought I’d start this new series called Thursday Thoughts. Just so I have a little space to have a brain dump every once in a while. I may be asking for advice, I may be offering advice. I may be pondering the universe in an existential crisis, or just musing over why bananas turn brown (I know…it’s deep stuff).


Okay, I would not call myself a bad driver. But I do have my faults. According to my family, I drive a little fast. But lately I’ve noticed that I am completely uncomfortable with parking. I find myself circling more and more trying to find the perfect spot to slide in to. I know, crazy for San Francisco. I might as well give up and go home.


I have an obsession with farmer’s markets. I’ve officially turned into an urban yuppie. New farmer’s market in town? YUP I’M THERE, let me grab my reusable tote bags and appetite. Truthfully, I go there for the samples. I have also noticed that there are really only three types of vendors.

1. The my-produce-speaks-for-itself vendor. They usually have a wide variety of fruits and veggies and people flock to these booths because everything looks yummy and/or they just really need some baby bok choy. 

2. The samples-are-my-middle-name vendor. They are handing out samples like it’s going out of style. I can easily fill up on the Middle Eastern breads and chutneys at these places. I love you. Don’t ever change.

3. The stink-eye-market-purest vendor. I tend to avoid these booths. Maybe they are just having a bad day. But usually they are grumpy or unfriendly and think that their booth is God’s gift to mankind. No thank you, ma'am, I do not need 10 lbs of blueberries. Stop looking at me that way! 


Throughout the day, I constantly jump between, HECK YEAH I made a baby, look at this goddess temple body and WHY DOES EVERYTHING JIGGLE?? Do ya know what I mean? Hashtag face palm.


I absolutely luuurve audiobooks. I love reading but time doesn’t always permit me to curl up with my (ever-growing) stack of books and a cup of tea. Audiobooks really allow me to read while I’m on the go. I have a few favorites that I always circle back to (good old Harry Potter). But I’m always looking to find something new. Unfortunately, audiobooks are so dang expensive. If any of you want to donate to my audiobook fund, let me know. Child care and groceries or audiobooks. WAHH. Do any of you know a place where I can get audiobooks for cheaper?? Pleaseandthankyou.

I hope you enjoy this new series! What are your random thoughts lately?