From the heart

As the year wraps up, I got to reflecting about why I even keep up with my little blog. It’s easy to get wrapped up on blog stats and numbers, which definitely cause unnecessary stress and feelings of self-doubt. But once I take a step back from it all, I remember - I blog for me.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that allow me to blog from the heart and why I still enjoy it. 


I’m talking about the numbers here: followers, readers, stats, etc. I sometimes get caught up in the statistics of my blog, but that’s not what will make me happy in the long run. I have a good handful of faithful and wonderful readers and I love the enthusiasm I receive from them. I always enjoy growing my blog and reaching out to new readers and it’s those who keep coming back that make this blogging experience even sweeter.


There is a reason I post what I do. This blog is about sharing my life and my thoughts - the ups and the downs. It would be very hard to write for an audience that I didn’t identify with. I write for myself and for those who enjoy a blog like mine. And most of the blogs I read are similar to mine too so I am always finding inspiration in the blogs I read {you all are amazing}.


I tend to write how I think - it’s about the conversation. My blog is where I express myself and where I’ve found my voice. I spend most of my days thinking clinically and speaking in a very professional manner {aka, emotional detachment}. Like a good friend, I can be myself with my blog and it’s wonderful.


There are so many inspirational bloggers to learn from and it’s amazing! I am often floored by the creativity of my blogging peers and it always inspires me to keep learning. In the past 7-9 months, I’ve learned so much about graphics, photo editing, design, and style - and I’m always learning more. 


Blogging friends are the best! Keeping in touch with my family, friends, and readers through social media has been a huge part of my blogging experience. I am an Instagram fanatic and I’ve recently become more active on Twitter and of course, I’m super excited about the launch of my blog’s official Facebook page. My social media usage has been an extension of my blogging voice.


This one is key to blogging mental health. I take blogging breaks when I need to and I post when I want. I write what I love and that’s enough for me. 

I am by no means a blogging expert {in fact I think the concept of an expert blogger is just silly, but that’s for another time} but I think it’s important to keep perspective in any blogging experience. Whether your blog is a personal diary, an extension of a business, or a creative outlet, it’s important to keep blogging from the heart