The importance of dating your husband

I mentioned yesterday that Paul and I went on a lunch date this past weekend. It got me to thinking about why we still go on dates and how important this is to our marriage. If you are married or have been in a longterm relationship, you know it is easy to get stuck in a routine and forget to check in with one another.

Now, I’m not big on offering “marriage advice”. I feel like each relationship is unique and what works for one couple may not work for another so I can only write from my perspective. A little while back, I wrote about the secrets to our happy marriage and I left out an important one: date night.

To me, these are a few reasons why it is important to date your husband. 

1 // TO CHECK IN. When I am able to spend some quality alone time with my husband, we are able to check in with one another. We put down the distractions and catch up on each other’s days, as well as all of our hopes, dreams, and worries. Sitting across from one another at a restaurant or taking a long walk is a perfect way to check in and share some honest communication.

2 // REKINDLE ROMANCE. Whether your date night is at home curled up with a movie or getting dressed to the nines and going out to a fancy dinner, date nights bring back some romance and intimacy that sometimes gets lost in our busy schedules. Dim lights, sparkly eyes, and leaned-in quiet conversations always remind me of why I fell in love with my husband. 

3 // FOR EXPLORATION. I love having a partner in crime with whom I can go on adventures. Date night is a perfect time to try a new restaurant or take a drive up the coast. I get to explore my personal boundaries and try new things while having a trusted partner by my side.

4 // TO CELEBRATE. I love to celebrate everything. Birthdays, let’s party! Work promotion, woo hoo! They had my favorite cheese at Trader Joe’s, break out the party juice! But really, dates are perfect ways to celebrate the beauty that is life. No matter what the occasion, Paul and I always start our meals with a little toast to celebrate what is going on in our lives and commemorate the day. His wins are my wins and my triumphs are his triumphs. 

Free birthday brownie sundae, don’t mind if I do!

Today, I am 39 weeks pregnant and we will be welcoming in our new little family member any day now. Date nights will be fewer and farther between with a new infant in our lives, but checking in and rekindling the intimacy will be more important than ever. We plan on taking up babysitting offers so we can steal away a few quiet moments together.

Do you still date your husband or partner? What are are your favorite date nights?