At the moment

Yesterday, my amazing husband asked my good friend Grace to kidnap me for a girl’s evening out. I have been having some serious cabin fever now that Paul went back to work. All you stay-at-home mamas and papas know how difficult it is to take care of a newborn all day {especially when she refuses to be put down}.

So thankfully, I have these wonderful people in my life who love me and help me keep my sanity. We went to this adorable wine bar down the street from my place while our husbands stayed home with Emma, the game, and a six pack. Grace and I split two tasting flights and several tasty dishes and shared some great conversation. It really was an amazing way to regroup and have some much needed me time. 

Here is what I’m up to at the moment.

EATING // Whatever I can make with one hand while holding Emma in the other.

DRINKING // So much water. Breastfeeding makes me so thirsty.

READING // Beautiful Chaos - the third book of the Beautiful Creatures series. I am completely engrossed in this amazing series. Check it out, seriously.

TAKING // A zillion pictures of my adorable Emma. Hopefully my Instagram followers aren’t sick of all the baby cuteness {if they are, too bad hehe}.

WEARING // Mostly yoga pants and nursing tanks. But I love when I am able to put on normal people clothes that aren’t covered in breastmilk!

LOVING // My phone conversations with my mom. She has some amazing advice and anecdotes about new mommy-hood.

WATCHING // A whole lot of daytime TV.

NEEDING // More sleep and a personal assistant. 

APPRECIATING // My husband and all his help and dedication to fatherhood. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.