Life 365 | Week 20

Emma is three weeks old today! Just when I think she has figured out this sleep thing, she throws a wrench in it and wakes up every other hour. Har har. Thank God for coffee. Seriously. Here are last week’s photos.

TWELVE This girl gets seriously milk drunk. If only that meant she could sleep longer stretches at night…

THIRTEEN We love our walks, except when the wind can take the stroller parasailing.

FOURTEEN Does this make me a bad mother?

FIFTEEN Grace, aka my sanity savior. We had a wonderful wine and dining evening.

SIXTEEN Paul and I hit a few tennis balls around on Friday. It was SO great to get back on the court. This girl still has it.

SEVENTEEN I don’t even know what to say about this face, but I love it.

EIGHTEEN My best friend Cassie came to meet Emma!

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