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On a Wednesday morning

MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment

The most perfect toes in the world.

As I sip my coffee on this Wednesday morning with a sleeping Emma in my arms, I am overcome with the enormity of this new life. Oh how life has changed. Instead of quietly sleeping at 2:30 in the morning, Paul and I are looking into the face of this perfect little human being with bleary yet loving eyes. Instead of sitting down together to eat, we are taking turns to eat one-handed while holding her in our arms. We are tired and overwhelmed, yet completely enamored. She drives us crazy, yet fills us with unyielding joy. Truthfully, this new life is incredibly difficult. I feel like a failure when she cries and I cannot console her. I cry when I’m exhausted but she just does not want to be put down. But when she looks into my eyes while I look into hers, my heart swells with the purest love imaginable. Her coos are the sweetest music of the angels.

Although she’s only been here three short weeks, I cannot imagine life without her - I cannot remember her not existing in our hearts.