Substance and Soul

Awkward and Awesome

LifeSamantha WetterholmComment


- Living on a floor that seems so vacant that I feel comfortable going to the trash chute in my bathrobe then running into everyone in the four-person suite. Hi, yes those are slippers too.

- Smashing my finger on a chair. Actually, constantly ramming my various body parts into immobile objects. Where did I get that bruise? That’s a good question. I have no idea.

- Getting whacked in the head by someone’s oversized bag on the shuttle with no recognition that the smacking happened.

- Leaky chicken in my fridge which results in having to take everything out and disinfecting the whole thing then getting chicken juice on my clothes. Great.

- Seeing pictures of snow and thinking, hey that looks lovely, I want to play in that, but then remembering that I hate being cold and wet. Darn.


- Pumpkin-flavored everything. Yup, I am that person. And I love it!

- Listening to Paul make up nursery rhymes for Emma to the tune of the classics. Emma smiles, he smiles, I smile.

- The many blessings bestowed on my little family. We are truly lucky ducks.

- The fact that my little darling teacup-sized babe loves snuggling with her mama and papa. As much as we would love a magic baby who falls asleep the second her head hits her crib, she is our little snuggle bunny and we love her.

- Squeezing in some time to read for pleasure. Whether it’s the 20 minutes on the way to school or for 5 minutes while breastfeeding in the middle of the night. I luuurve it.