Life 365 | Week 44

We had quite the weekend over on these parts. Emma’s first Halloween was a success. We managed to keep her in her costume for a whole 10 minutes. New record! I’ll do a postaloo with lots of photos later.

On a sadder note, I hurt my left pinky and hand yesterday. I was the queen of spazz when I basically rammed my hand into a wooden chair. Picture stubbing your toe but with your hand. It hurts, it’s swollen, I can’t move it well, and the pain is shooting up my arm. I’m trying not to panic, because my hands are my money makers, but I have an appointment soon to get it checked out. Fingers crossed it’s just a bruise. Prayers my way please!

Happy November everyone! I cannot believe we only have two months left of 2014 and it’s less than two months until Christmas. My husband keeps asking me if I have “smelled Christmas yet”. Yes, I can smell when Christmas is coming. It’s a weird thing. Don’t ask. Stop looking at me like that. 

Any who, here are last weeks photos coming your way! 

TWENTY-SEVEN I just love watching these two play. She giggles. He giggles. She laughs so hard that she farts, he… moving on. 

TWENTY-EIGHT Six months old! All you parents out there know this feeling… aww she’s sleeping, I miss her, I wish she were awake so I could see her laugh and smile, oh wait, she’s sleeping, I need to get some stuff done, don’t wake the baby!

TWENTY-NINE What a brave little toaster. She had her six months check up and vaccines. She was so brave and only cried a little bit. She fought off a fever for a couple days. I’m sorry! Please don’t run away from home. But I usually end up consoling Paul after her shots. He cries more than she does. 

THIRTY Emma lost a battle with a sweet potato. Next up, Emma vs. squash. Let’s get ready to rumble! 

THIRTY-ONE She’s our lobster (name that show!). Delicious, more butter and lemon next time though. 

ONE Auntie Grace made this hat for Emma and it finally fits her. Adorableness ensues. Your ovaries are exploding now, admit it. 

TWO “Hey puppy, move out of the way, I’m working on my yoga.” P.S. Look at that chunk o’ thigh. Nom nom. 

Happy Monday!