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Target with a tot

MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment

Contemplating her next move. 

Get on with your bad self

Today Emma and I went to Target for a few things (HAHAHA, we all knew it wouldn’t be just a few things, who am I kidding?). Sometimes she sits contentedly in the cart, safely buckled up, playing with an item we will purchase. But most of the time, she is trying to stand up while the cart is moving, attempting to jump for it and run. Today was one of those days. Because, of course, she has to get out NOW, and she has to walk NOW, and must pull everything off of the shelves NOW, and well, you know the drill. Today I was mulling over the zillion toilet cleansing options with my back turned to the tot (rookie mistake) and I turn around to this scene.

Carry on little Einstein.