What did I used to talk about?

Emma and I were taking some selfies this morning and I was overcome with an urge to write this little blurb that follows. I was just so happy in this moment that I wanted to share some thoughts with you. 

When I first started writing on this little blog of mine (or this space as some call it) I did not really understand what it meant. I started off on good old Tumblr and just reblogged pictures I enjoyed, talked about this and that, linked up my Instagram and voila, blog.

In the beginning, I talked about dental school, A LOT, and occasionally I received some questions about life as a dental student and newlywed. Voila, dental student slash wife blog. 

Later I started posting food and drink recipes, my random thoughts, advice about dental school, and this and that. Voila, dentistry slash lifestyle slash married blog.

When I found out I was baking a bun named Emma, I posted pregnancy updates, forays into pregnant dentistry life, and complaints about heartburn. Once she was born, I posted monthly updates, (almost) daily photos, and conversations with myself about motherhood, occasionally throwing in some dental stuffs now and again. Voila, lifestyle slash mom blog.

(Okay, I'll stop saying voila.)

But at the end of the day, I just write what I know. Since those early days, I have since moved on to Squarespace, invested in my own domain name, and annoy the stuffing out of my friends and family with my blog post updates on Facebook

I am continually inspired by the multitude of greater and more talented bloggers out there (especially the multiple children mom bloggers, you ladies ROCK). I love the dentist turned foodie blogs. I love the creative designers with a flare for the feminine. I love the hilarious women with their daily updates. I love the crafters, the fashionistas, the poets, the sarcastic, all of 'em.

Sap alert.

That is what has been so wonderful about my blogging experience. Substance and Soul has evolved with me. It reflects what is going on in my life right now, in this moment. It allows me to connect with people in similar and also not so similar circumstances. I get to chronicle my life and the adventures with my family whether it be for you, an audience of sorts, or for myself, years down the line when I want to remember what it was like in those earlier days. I have become more comfortable with my own blogging voice and I attempt to show true glimpses into my real life and my authentic self.

The sappiest.

What I do know is that Substance and Soul will always be my special place to share with you. I wish to keep this blog as an accurate reflection of my current state. I don't see myself narrowing or broadening my niche, because I truly believe this is a good old fashioned life blog. It reflects my life - whatever phase its in and wherever I end up.

And I hope you continue to share this place with me.

And her too, apparently.