Only twenty more weeks left this year. 

Did I scare you? 

Okay, the burning question is... What should our Halloween costumes be this year?! I am thinking a family costume again this year because last year's was a hit.

This week has been another busy one. We are attempting to take loads here and there over to our new place and of course that has me in a stress tail spin. But we will be moving the bulk of the stuff over next Friday so hopefully my sanity will hold on by then. 

Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see. 

I have been eating this non-stop this week and who knows if my poor husband will every forgive me.

On to this week's portrait.

Lately, Emma has been incredibly clingy. I attribute this to the fact that little molars are attempting to disco their way onto the mouth scene (<-- weird). Enter, desperation. Last night I was attempting to make dinner and my little shadow would not leave my side so I let her play a rousing game of match the lid. This has been a sanity-saver lately. Right beside unravel the entire roll of toilet paper and run around naked after the bath.

We will be taking another load or two over this weekend and hopefully I'll be able to organize a little bit here and there, lest my marbles fall out of my head.

Happy weekending.