Pack it up

Have I mentioned how much I hate packing? Because, I HATE PACKING.

Okay, I'll calm down. But seriously. 

Paul and I are currently in the process of packing up our little apartment for our move to Alameda. It's amazing how much stuff we have been able to cram into a 500-sq foot apartment with almost no closet and storage space. VHAAAT? And by amazing, of course I mean gross.

I am in the process of reading this book (I know, original) but it has got me to thinking about downsizing the stuff. Maybe a move was just what we needed to go through the PILES OF CRAP we have accumulated. Silver lining? I am by no means a hoarder, but I am quite sentimental and little pieces of memories tend to accumulate. Do I really need a little love note written on a napkin from three years ago? Apparently so.

I CANNOT wait to show you all our new place. I just love it. It feels much more homey and less dormy. But because of the crazy, neat-freak that I am, I will most likely not want to give you all the big reveal until we are all settled, mostly unpacked, and all the new furniture has arrived.

My dad is coming to visit us for a week starting next Wednesday and I could not be more excited. He tends visits us this time of year and I look forward to spending time with him while also having an extra set of hands around for Emma entertaining while we settle in.

For now, I am a little frazzled. We are packing up the moving truck on Friday and will hopefully be completely settled in to the new place by Sunday evening. Wee! I hope to squeeze in a post or two, but who knows if that'll happen.

And because I cannot let you leave without a photo of my offspring, here is a lovely representation of how I'm feeling lately.

I feel ya girl.