Substance and Soul

Perfectly imperfect

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Call it dental student/motherhood/wife angsty stress, but occasionally (read, frequently) I feel at my whit's end and start to question myself. I know, so weird. But like many of you folks (especially new parents) out there on the interwebs, I sometimes feel inadequate in my various duties and responsibilities as future dentist, wife, and mother. I do not feel like I have my sh*t together and I definitely feel like I am failing on many fronts (and backs and sides for that matter). But when I finally pull my head out of my pint of pity party, I realize the truth of it all.

I am not the highest producer at school, I am not winning any mother-of-the-year awards, and Mrs. Snaps-at-her-husband rears her ugly head at times. But I am my whole perfectly imperfect self, cracks and all. And hey, that's good enough.