Substance and Soul


LifeSamantha WetterholmComment

I am almost certain that every parent goes through severe denial about their first child's first birthday. I find myself doubting, denying, bargaining, praying, trantruming, and shaking my fist in the air about this particular milestone. 

My sweet, precious infant is becoming a toddler. WHAT?! 

Not only is she starting to lose her delicious baby rolls, but she is thinning out and looks all gangly. WHAT?!

She is giving me sass, not listening to me, and rolling her eyes. WHAT?!

While I am in the process of planning her first birthday shindig, I am secretly hoping that father time will jump out from behind my sobbing body and and yell, "SIKE! She's not really turning one. Here is your lump of newborn baby squish again, JUSTKIDDINGIT'SALLGOOD."

But alas no, father time will not come to the rescue and turn back the clock. And soon I'll be getting plenty more of these looks (see above) while she questions my sanity and thinks to herself, "Yup, she's nuts." 

Hold me.