The great(ish) escape

Back in the day, call it 10 months ago, our little gremlin used to be non-mobile and just lay there and kick, kick, kick, kick, repeat. Ah, those were the days. Now little miss moves-a-lot has decided that she will no longer be content in her living room prison and must, MUST, be out in the real world (aka, the rest of the tiny, one-bedroom apartment). Up until now, we have managed to corral her in her perma-jail with a combo of ottoman and couch blockage and an attractive corner of toys on the opposite side of said jail cell. But we are mere millimeters away from her great escape. She can just heave her drumstick of a leg atop the barricade and almost pull herself up, up, and away. 

And now I'm going to need a baby leash. I'm looking at you Amazon prime.