At the moment

Well, well what do you know? It’s already Tuesday. That is one of the best things about three-day weekends. Tuesday sneaks up from behind you and gives you a great big old bear hug. You see Thursday giving you a thumbs up. You get a wink and an atta boy from Friday in the close distance.

Did it just get weird?

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoyed your three-day weekend. On Saturday, Paul surprised me with a date day! He arranged babysitting with Auntie Grace and Uncle Brian, brought roses and a card, and bought movie tickets. We had lunch at this local gourmet grilled cheese place and I burnt my tongue on tomato soup. He makes me swoon.

On Sunday we did errands. And by George, we did ‘em good. We hit up Target, Costco, and Trader Joe’s. Paul surprised me again with sneaking my dream Dyson slim vacuum in the cart at Costco. I skipped up and down the aisles and kicked my heels together. No really, I did. Good thing everyone else was distracted with the free samples. Monday, we relaxed. Emma and I never changed out of our PJs. It was a great weekend.

Here is what else I have been up to at the moment. 

The gang’s all here.

EATING Bagels and lox. Erra. Single. Day.

DRINKING Coffee on repeat. Sleep training is making me need a coffee IV drip.

LOVING My new Dyson slim vacuum. There is something so satisfying about vacuuming the crevices that have been abandoned by traditional vacuums. Dust bunnies be gone!

WATCHING Sherlock. Holy moly. Why has it taken me so long to discover this addicting show. Benedict and Martin. The golden couple. Where is season four!?

READINGThe Mortal Instruments City of Fallen Angels. Good golly, this series is engrossing. 

COOKING Yellow Thai curry stir fry. Trader Joe’s has everything. Can I move in? 

WEARING My gorgeous diamond cross necklace from my sweet 16 birthday. Oh sweet nostalgia. Emma thinks it’s a chew toy. 

RECOVERING From an annoying head cold from last week. I apologize to all in my vicinity for my disgusting nose-blowing marathons. 

THINKING About what a conundrum motherhood is sometimes. I am simultaneously longing for those early tiny baby days and looking forward to her every milestone. Le sigh

THANKING Everyone who reads this little blog. You complete me. *singing a serenade to you my fine friends*.

CREATING Recipes for Emma. I love giving her new foods to try. She enjoys her morning egg scramble. 

APPRECIATING My perfect, wonderful, handsome, kind, generous, patient, funny, loving husband. Honey, you are my rock. 

Have a fun short week my friends!