At the moment {V.12}

Hello friends! 2014 is off to a good start! Paul’s family and I have been enjoying sunny Kauai. Even when it rained yesterday, it was still sunny out. Imagine that!

Paul and I loved the tour and tasting at the chocolate farm yesterday. It was so interesting to learn how chocolate is made – from the fruit and seeds all the way to the final product. We tasted fresh, organic fruits like ruby red grapefruit, coconut, and Tahitian lime {all of which are grown right next to the cocoa trees}. Then we tried about 15 different dark chocolates!

Here is what I’m up to at the moment.

EATING :: Macadamia nut sticky buns and shave ice. I absolutely love shave ice with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk on top {if you’ve never tried it, do it}. I cannot get enough.

DRINKING :: Lots of water and guava juice. It’s quite humid here and easy to feel parched and dehydrated.

PRACTICING :: Photography techniques. I’ve been playing around with the automatic and manual settings. The scenery here is perfect for learning to take better photos with my Nikon.

PLAYING :: Sequence - fun! I’ve never played this game before and my MIL brought it on the trip.

LOVING :: All this quality time with my husband. I feel incredibly blessed that he was able to get all the time off work.

READING :: Beautiful Creatures - I am loving this book so far.

FEELING :: A ton of baby movement! My bump is growing and she is moving like crazy. I can just sit and watch my stomach all day.

HATING :: All these mosquito bites. I have at least 18 horribly inflamed and agonizingly itchy bites. I have a feeling that I am actually allergic to them. Each bite is inflamed to the size of a dime with no relief - ouch.

ANTICIPATING :: A river kayaking trip tomorrow. We are traveling up a river then walking to a beautiful and secluded waterfall. {I will definitely be wearing bug spray though.}

It’s going to be hard to leave and get back to real life after this trip!

Have a great weekend everyone! What have you been up to lately?