Life 365 | Week 12

This morning, I was actually able to sleep in a bit {just until 8 am, but still}. I have one more day in school for my Pediatric dentistry rotation this Wednesday, then I’m officially on maternity leave! I’ve been quite uncomfortable {aka, miserable} so I am looking forward to resting and getting the rest of the baby stuff ready. I did have my first round of intense Braxton Hicks contractions on Friday night, so I my body is definitely getting ready for baby’s arrival.

Any who, here are last week’s Life 365 photos.

17 :: St. Patrick’s day means wearing green and drinking beer {this year, I only got to wear green}! Of course, I look like a watermelon, but a cute watermelon? My friend Grace made some yummy corned beef and cabbage, it was delicious! 

18 :: 8 months pregnant! My doc says my weight gain is finally on track so yay! Starting tomorrow I’ll be doing weekly non-stress tests to make sure baby is growing strong. 

19 :: There is this darling cake store I love called Nothing Bundt Cakes and Paul picked me up a little lemon cake. Maybe this is where all the weight gain is coming from… 

20 :: Paul and I made one heck of a pizza the other night. The key is goat cheese. 

21 :: The Whole Foods salad bar has some truly yummy stuff {just gloss over the fact that my salad is half cheese}. 

22 :: I woke up CRAVING a McDonald’s McGriddle. You just can’t deny it when those cravings strike. 

23 :: Paul and I spent a wonderful Sunday with our friends Natalie and Josh. I’ll be posting more photos tomorrow.

We are heading down to Southern California at the end of the week to see our families and for my baby shower. I’m so excited to see my family and friends!