Life 365 | Week 16

Another week has passed and it is amazing how slowly time goes by when you are waiting for something special. I am getting quite impatient over here! Here are last week’s Life 365 photos.

14 :: Paul and I really love Panera for a quick and tasty meal. I could eat their baguettes every day.

15 :: I’m an adult, doctoral candidate, and soon-to-be mom, yet I regularly eat sugary cereal for dinner.

16 :: It has been absolutely gorgeous in the city.

17 :: We are officially one of THOSE couples. Please don’t egg my car.

18 :: Paul’s sweet coworkers bought some adorable clothes for baby girl. I also LOVE the book they got for her hehe.

19 :: I was absolutely CRAVING snow crab legs so we went to get some. I finished 1 and ½ pounds of crab all by myself, woah.

20 :: Happy Easter from the giant Easter egg. My belly dropped about a week ago and even maternity shirts are having a hard time covering this bowling ball.

Tomorrow is officially my due date. Tick tock, tick tock.