Life 365 | Week 30

Well what do ya know, today is my birthday! We have had an absolutely wonderful weekend and I am sad to return to reality tomorrow. At least I get to keep pulling out teeth on my oral surgery rotation. Yes, I know it is a little strange to get excited about pulling out teeth. 

Here are last week’s photos. 

TWENTY-ONE Woah there. I guess she took us seriously when we said we wanted a close-up.

TWNETY-TWO “So what you’re saying is that when we play peek-a-boo, you don’t actually go anywhere. Hmm, interesting…”

TWENTY-THREE Happy third wedding anniversary honey! Aren’t you glad you married such a catch? 

TWENTY-FOUR Why do I feel like I’ve done something wrong? That’s a good stink eye Emma. 

TWENTY-FIVE This girl. She’s too much. 

TWENTY-SIX I don’t know what is bigger, my teeth or her cheeks.

TWENTY-SEVEN I feel like she should be on a poster for a musical starring opposite Doris Day and Howard Keel. 

Emma turns three months old tomorrow! Stay tuned for her three months update. I will also be posting about our anniversary and my birthday later this week.