Life 365 | Week 6

Good morning and Happy Monday! Last week, I slowed down a bit with my blogging to take a little mental break while I worked on a few personal things. I’m feeling better now that I’ve had a little R & R.

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. My mom was here to celebrate my baby shower with Paul and me. I am getting so excited to welcome our little darling into the world. I will be sharing the photos from the shower this week. 

3 :: We have definitely been nesting. I am in love with our new changing table. It has tons of drawer space too. 

4 :: I treated myself to my favorite brunch place after a tough morning in clinic. It was so nice to have a cup of coffee and read a good book. 

5 :: My belly button switches between an innie and an outie - it’s an inbetweenie! 

6 :: I was cracking myself up while resting my plate on my growing belly. I’ve definitely gotten bigger the past couple of weeks. Where did my waist go??

7 :: Woo hoo! It finally rained here! Although I don’t like getting stuck outside in the rain, I know we really needed it.

8 :: My first baby shower was Saturday and it was truly magical. I have such wonderful friends who really made this day special for Paul and me. 

9 :: My mom and I woke up early to hit up my favorite brunch place {twice in one week, yay!}. We sat and talked and enjoyed each other’s company. I was so sad to say goodbye to her and I cannot wait to see my family again in March for my second baby shower. 

This week, Natalie and I are on our Oral Medicine rotation. I’ve heard this rotation can be really intense so wish me luck. Tomorrow, I am officially 7 months pregnant! Stay tuned for my baby bump update and pictures from the shower. Paul is planning a special Valentine’s celebration for us too. I love the day of LOVE.

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