Life 365 | Week 7

Happy President’s Day everyone! This past week has been quite eventful. My oral medicine rotation kept me really busy and it was very interesting to see a different specialty in dentistry. Paul and I spread out the Valentine’s Day festivities the whole weekend too. It has been nice spending time with my husband. We also hit the seven months pregnant mark! Oh my goodness. Breathe

10 :: This man. Swoon

11 :: Seven months! Look at that belly grow. It’s amazing to think that the baby still needs to double in weight. I already feel like a stuffed turkey. 

12 :: I saw this cute sign hanging in the oral medicine clinic. 

13 :: I am basically living in leggings and flats. Thankfully, Paul and I did some shopping on Saturday for maternity clothes. Now I have more than 3 things that still fit me.

14 :: Happy Valentine’s Day! This bump looks good in red. 

15 :: My appetite has definitely increased. I’ve been trying to load up during breakfast. Fried eggs on toast, avocado with sriracha, sliced oranges, espresso, and carrot juice - YUMMY! 

16 :: Funny faces! He’s so cute.

I have another ultrasound tomorrow to make sure the baby’s growth is right on track. I can’t wait to see her little face! I’m also starting a new blogging series tomorrow, so stay tuned. 

Have a great week everyone!

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