Life 365 | Week 8

Is it Monday again already? Wowza. Last week was pretty mellow but I did have another ultrasound, which was very exciting! She is growing and blossoming and I cannot wait to meet her. Today, I am sharing last week’s photos for Life 365.

17 :: Our friend bought us some fresh rosemary focaccia bread from an Italian artisan shop so Paul and I shared a lovely charcuterie and cheese snack on our day off. I always love when we can have a lazy three-day weekend.

18 :: I cannot get enough milk lately. And you know what goes well with milk? Cookies - circus animal deliciousness to be exact. 

19 :: I like to take pictures of Paul while he’s busy working. He has the cutest concentration face. 

20 :: I am loving my new rose gold pavé infinity necklace from Jewel Mint. It is just so delicate and feminine. 

21 :: Three words - Thai iced tea. Delicious!

22 :: {Largest photo} Paul and I spent all day Saturday at our birthing class. We sure learned a lot! Paul got a little sweaty and nervous for the birthing videos but I know he’s going to be an amazing support person for me during labor. 

23 :: Yesterday I had some prenatal pampering with a glorious 90-minute massage and a soothing facial. My body is going through the ringer, so I deserve a little TLC. 

This week, I will be pretty busy in clinic! Can you believe it’s almost March?

Have a happy week my friends.

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