On blogging | A few favorites

WELP, I was supposed to see my patient this morning but there was a big ol’ mess up with my clinic chair situation so, long story short, I am writing a blog post instead. I did not have any posts loaded up in my back pocket, so I’ve decided to round up a few of my own favorite recent posts instead. Enjoy! 

// The secrets to our happy marriage.

// The truth about pregnancy brain.

// A day in the life of the husband (part 1 and part 2).

// Stand up for something.

// Maternity photos.

// The importance of dating your husband.

// Mushroom and gorgonzola pasta.

// Newborn photos.

// So I had a baby.

// Baby Emma (month 1, month 2, month 3).

// Three things in three years.

// Awkward and awesome.

Any of your favorites pop up on this list? Happy thirsty Thursday! I might have a date with some wine tonight.