Awkward and Awesome

I have been wondering what to write lately. As you may have noticed, the old stomping ground of ye old blog as been very baby-centric. I have turned into one of those people - Hi my name is Samantha, and I am addicted to posting about my baby.

WELP, there you have it.

I promise you, I have other things on my mind and going on in my life. But what can I do when I have this ball of precious fluff and love living with me? I am overcome I tell you! Did I tell you that she started laugh… FOCUS SAMANTHA.

At the end of the day, all I can do is write what I know. However, I have decided to start another new series to get over my writing funk called Awkward and Awesome. I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook. So here it goes…


- That I have to use the phrase, “Hold on, I need to go pump” multiple times per day.

- I genuinely cannot remember how old I am. I’m twenty-something? I’m old enough to drink, that’s all I need to know.

- This lovely post-baby phenomenon: sneeze-pee.

- This frequent conversation in our household: “Remind me to remind you to remind me…”

- Looking into the window of the gym group yoga class while holding a doughnut.

- Trying to navigate through our tiny Trader Joe’s with a stroller AND a grocery cart. Please everyone, take your time.


- Coming into a room and having Emma recognize me with a smile. Oh hey baby! I made you.

- Getting a kid in the pediatric dentistry department to sit still through the whole appointment.

- Discovering my new love of iTunes podcasts.

- My two brilliant friends, Cassie and Allisun, going back to school to start Grad programs.

- Realizing that Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes will be arriving soon. 

- Sitting through an entire meal without it going cold.

I think I’m really going to like this new series.