Life 365 | Week 31

So this week’s Life 365 is all about Emma (but when is it not really). I swear, every day she is doing more and more and advancing so quickly. She’s killing me. Currently, I am convinced she is about to crawl. She’s doing all the motions just can’t quite get her body weight supported on her arms and legs at the same time. She kind of looks like a sea turtle, or a flapping sea lion, or a caterpillar, or a… and I’ve lost you.

Come back! Here are last week’s photos. 

TWENTY-EIGHT Auntie Grace watched Emma on Monday for us. She only took 50 photos. I was a little disappointed. (HEHE. No really Grace, thank you so much for doing that.)

TWENTY-NINE You just can’t separate a girl and her seahorse. I am not sure Mr. Seahorse enjoys being slobbered on 24/7. 

THIRTY “Yay, Daddy watched me this week! We only ate 27 pounds of candy and drove a motorcycle without our helmets!" 

THIRTY-ONE I think she wants to drive this thing.

ONE Emma started pre-school on Friday. I think I had three heart attacks, two strokes, and one pulmonary embolism. But I survived. She waited until she got home to have the Mount Vesuvius of poops.

TWO "Mom, what’s this green stuff?” That’s grass Emma. I guess we are raising a city mouse now. 

THREE Emma and I were rocking out to worship music at church yesterday. She kept getting startled when people started clapping.

Have a great week everyone!