At the moment

These last two weeks have been NUTS. With a capital N. Emma started rolling, laughing, and sucking her thumb. Be still my heart. Can she get some Peter Pan action around here and stay little and precious forever? You can find me curled up in the corner now.

I was also on my Oral Surgery rotation these past two weeks and I took out a whole bunch of teeth. I really enjoyed it! Taking out teeth is pretty freaking awesome. Yes I know, I sound like a weirdo.

Any who, here is what I am up to at the moment.


EATING eggs on eggs on eggs.

DRINKING lots of water. I’m parched all of the time. Sigh, breast feeding.

COOKING nothing lately. I have been so busy.

LOVING my new 1-liter Nalgene water bottle.

READING magazines! Does anyone still subscribe anymore?

NEEDING new pants for school.

WANTING to go on vacation with my family. Nearly anywhere will do.

ANTICIPATING our Lake Tahoe trip at the end of the month.

ENJOYING ice cream.

WONDERING what Emma thinks and dreams about.

WORRYING about my breast milk supply.

NOTICING how amazing and intelligent is our Emma.

FEELING grateful for my wonderful friends.

I am trying to work on feeling more positive and worrying less. Easier said than done I know, but it is something that is weighing on my heart.

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

- Joyce Meyer