I probably say this a lot, but can you believe that July is almost over? I feel like I am in a cartoon and we just keep flipping through the calendar pages. STOP IT.

As you know, our anniversary was last Wednesday and my 25th birthday was on Sunday. And no, I do not like to combine these two things. Paul knows they require two separate cards. You know how much I love cards. 

For our anniversary, we went to one of our favorite places called Zero Zero. Their pizza is kick-you-in-the-face amazing. It’s crispy and thin and they are trigger-happy with the delicious extra virgin olive oil. Paul’s mom was still here with us so she watched Emma so we could hit the town. I got this DELICIOUS drink called a honey badger and we gorged ourselves. We didn’t exchange gifts. Having an evening together to celebrate was gift enough in my book. 

Paul’s mom left on Friday evening so we had our first weekend without company in a month. I “reset” the apartment and put everything back in its proper place. Having our moms stay with us was incredible and I will always remember how much they helped us with Emma. But having some alone time was much needed (subtext: I basically wanted to be able to walk around in my underwear, ha). Although let’s be honest, once you have given birth to an audience of 15, you lose a little sense of modesty. 

Sunday, we binged-watched Orange Is The New Black (holy crap, season 2 was nuts), went shopping, then had dinner at The Melting Pot. There is this adorable shopping strip a bit south of us and my darling husband knows the way to my heart. He bought me a purse and fed me a bucket of cheese. *tear* 

Oh hey, I did my hair for the first time in months. I constantly felt like I had hair in my eyes.

This drink was DELICIOUS. I want to take a bath in it. It’s called the Honey Badger and it had bulleit bourbon, lemon verbena, and cocchi americano.

Oh HAYYYYYY. I call this look The Whites: teeth and eye edition.

Two words: pizza tower. Quick, can you spot what doesn’t belong in a pizza tower?

I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of the heart (you sang that in your head, didn’t you?).

Emma got dressed in her birthday best. Aww, shucks Emma. The drool is a nice touch. Really gives it a little something extra.

Emma said she wanted to try the fondue. I told her she needed to be at least six months for that.

This is what happy looks like. I’m pretty sure an earthquake could go on and I wouldn’t notice if I had a bucket of cheese in front of me. It’s love. And it’s real.

It’s… I… Want… It’s just so beautiful. sigh

Hot summer days call for something refreshing. SuMMer stands for Moscow Mule.

Is your face exploding? Because mine is. This girl. This guy. SWOON.

I can’t even. 

She was mesmerized by the bucket of chocolate fondue that just reached our table. This girl knows her priorities.

I am a firm believer in celebrating. Celebrate your anniversary, celebrate your birthday, celebrate a Tuesday. Just celebrate and be grateful for all you have.

This will be one for the books.