Life 365 | Week 32

Last week was pretty tough in the old health department of mine. My stomach has been acting up (I’ll write about that later) and I haven’t been feeling in tip top shape. It basically prompted me to try to reset my diet and make sure that I am eating wholly and less unhealthy.

Emma has been an absolute gem. I find myself falling deeper in love each day. She is my darling angel. HOWEVER, it is getting more and more exhausting to find time to pump throughout the day and I am usually overwhelmed with trying to make sure that I have pumped enough for the next day. Every day, I want to just give up exclusively breastfeeding but every day I keep powering through. It’s a struggle. I’ll keep you posted.

Well jeez, what a way to start the week Debby-Downer. On to the more pleasant stuff: this week’s photos.

FOUR I know what you mean Emma, Mondays are tough for me too.

FIVE “No, no, no. Dad, here, let me help you.” This girl is already a spit-fire.

SIX I told her this would be a great photo for a realtor billboard. “I will find you a new crib babies. Your friend, your realtor.”

SEVEN It’s too bad she doesn’t know how to relax.

EIGHT So this was after TWO poop explosions at daycare. She looks pretty darn pleased with herself.

NINE This girl is great at slumber parties.

TEN This girl. I can’t. She’s just. GAHH, PERFECTION.

Have a grrrrreat week everyone. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write a bit more this week. I have some stufffff on ma mind.