Pumpkin lickin', I mean pickin'

On Saturday, we took Emma to her first pumpkin patch. She laughed, we laughed, she tried licking pumpkins, I disinfected said pumpkins. Overall, it was a grand old time. We also ran into a dog dressed as Maleficent, so bonus points.

But why am I still talking? I know you are only here for the pictures. Get ready for a scrolling party. Can I get a woot woot? (Do people even say woot anymore?)

Emma just woke up from a nap. She was not amused.

Okay. Now we are getting somewhere.

“Well isn’t everything just so fascinating?”

“What is this? What am I supposed to do with it?”

Well, eat it apparently.

Aww shucks. These two.


Emma hunted for the perfect pumpkin. That pumpkin didn’t stand a chance!

“Yup. This is the one. You will be my squishy.” (name that movie)

You better believe she tried putting that corn in her mouth.

She was quite pleased with her choice. It’s the great pumpkin Emma Brown.