Ten things on a Tuesday

Every once in a while I do something or say something that I find completely bizarre and think, normal people do not do this. Then I remember that normal is all relative. Then I have to tell the voices to quiet down because Jeopardy is on. And you’re gone.

But I have to say, I get these completely random post ideas and think, hey that is a goodun, and obviously my decisions about this blog are all gems and I know you’ll love them. DANCE PRETTIES, DANCE.

JustkiddingIloveyou. And you’re definitely gone.

This sign at Trader Joe’s made me giggle way too much.

1. I religiously watch The World Series of Poker every year. I get completely caught up in the tournament. I usually say things like, fold you idiot and you’ll never win with a 3 and 7, off-suit.

2. I competed in a Toastmasters competition in elementary school. I lost in the semi-finals. I talked about Star Trek. Please don’t leave me.

3. I do not get grossed out easily. Shower hair balls, no problem. Blood, meh, no biggie. 

4. I was a math minor in college for a brief second. Then I took calculus II and wanted to smash my head with my text book. I ended up getting minors in Chemistry and Philosophy. #nerd

5. I have very strong somatic responses to bad dreams. I sometimes wake up gasping, sweating, and crying. WAHHH.

6. I went to Girl Scout camp in elementary school and my nickname was Pinka. Don’t ask. 

7. I become oddly mesmerized by infomercials and Law and Order re-runs.

8. One of my life mottos is If it’s not a right angle, it’s a wrong angle. (Name that show.)

9. There are several things I refuse to buy store brand or generic: Q-Tips, Lucky Charms, Chap Stick, and batteries.

10. I have never dyed my hair, ever.

What are some (odd/random) things about you? HAVE A HAPPEEEE TUESDUR (Wait, that’s not English. Happy Tuesday!)