Life 365 | Week 42

I finally got over that cold/sinus infection thingy. Praise the Lord. As much as snorting like a pug is amusing, I’m glad to be over that one. Fingers crossed I have a flu-free flu season.

This weekend was craaaazy and fun and now I’m sore. We hit up a pumpkin patch and I ran a half-marathon. The pressure of selecting the first Emma pumpkin was tougher than the race. Just kidding, that thing kicked my butt. But Emma was all, “I want to carry that twenty-pounder” and I said, “No way, not until you are like 11 months.”

I’ll be sharing some darlin’ pumpkin patch photos and half-marathon photos later this week but until then here is your weekly dose of baby chub.

THIRTEEN These two, I swear. How do I get any work done with these two eye-candies in my house?

FOURTEEN It’s the leaning tower of Emma. And can we just take a minute to appreciate this facial expression. This girl is taking after mommy. Poor thing.

FIFTEEN And on the 6th day, God created teething infants. Just kidding, that’s clearly the work of hades. This girl has been teething for foreverrrrrr. Those teeth need to pop up already or they’ll have some ‘splaining to do.

SIXTEEN Grace and I may or may not have brunched it up on Thursday morning. But you didn’t hear it from me. P.S. Lemonade and lavender is my new favorite combo.

SEVENTEEN “Quick, how many fingers can you fit in YOUR mouth?”

EIGHTEEN We went pumpkin picking and I picked me a goodun’. Although that diaper was a little too fresh for my taste.

NINETEEN While I ran my little booty off (really, it fell off, so did my legs) this girl got to play with Auntie Grace and Uncle Brian. She only barfed on Grace once and punched Brian twice, but I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be invited back.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s rendition of baby photo dump. Who are you kidding, I know you loved it.