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Thursday Thoughts

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Why? Just why? I’ve never understood the appeal of writing on public buildings. What’s worse is when people deface private residences, businesses, or even churches. WHAT? I just can’t. This is why we can’t have nice things. Has anyone heard of a notebook? Sketch pad? White board? Anything? Bueller? 


I don’t know about you but I feel like there are two extremes to the interruption spectrum. On the one side there are those who will interrupt conversations anytime and with anyone. They will insert themselves and act like what is going on in their heads is pure gold (let meh tell yuh, it’s not). Then there is the other side of the spectrum where someone stands there awkwardly trying to figure out when to pause the conversation and ends up just giving up and leaving. I am definitely in the latter end of that spectrum. *cricket, cricket* Get with it Samantha. 


The dreaded anticipated election season is upon us. I am being bombarded by this or that proposition every 0.3 seconds on TV and my head is just spinning. Someone is running for the district of whats-it and believes in something or other. Usually I vote “No” on things unless I firmly believe in the “Yes” side. I don’t know what it is about this election go around, but I’ve had it up to here. All I know is my vote is Dumbledore for president. 


Even on my most low-key day, I still have 13 million creams and lotions to apply. What is up with that?? Paul takes 0.2 seconds to go from the roll-out-of-bed look to the headed-to-the-opera look. Tell me how!? Yes I know this conundrum is self-inflicted but it seems kind of nuts that it has come to this. Facial cleanser, exfoliating brush, eye cream, serum, day lotion with SPF or night cream, make up, body lotion, hand cream, cream puffs, puff daddy. Jeez, never ending.

What are your random Thursday Thoughts