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Awkward and Awesome

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- Uncomfortable movie humor. There is ha-ha funny, there is sarcastic, there is slap-stick, and there is downright uncomfortable. There’s a fine line.

- Phlegm. Hearing someone cough up phlegm or being the one to cough up the phlegm. NOTHANKS. The only downside to Autumn is flu season.

- Rice cereal. I know it’s one of the first things to feed baby but that stuff looks disgusting. What are we doing to our children?

- (Opinion alert) I get overly furious annoyed by the ignorance people show when it comes to public breastfeeding. If I have to read one more stupid comment about how it’s disgusting or sexual, I’m moving to the moon. Also, stop telling women to go breastfeed in the bathroom. I mean COME ON.

- People who do not slow down and look while they are driving around parking structure corners. PEOPLE, I have a baby in the car! Slow your roll.


- Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Need I say more?

- Pumpkin spice bread pudding from Trader Joe’s. WOWOW. I just discovered it and my taste buds have died and gone to pumpkin heaven.

- Mamas with perfectly manicured fingers and toes. When people? Tell me whennnn.

- Beautifully long evening showers once the husband gets home and plays with the babe. Deep conditioning treatment, don’t mind if I do.

- I will be running my third half-marathon on Sunday. I may have to double-up on the sports bras because you know, breastfeeding.